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At Jade International, we are able to offer you with various options for exporting your cargo all over the world. Need more text here

Ocean Export

Air Freight

Hazardous Materials

Refrigerated Containers

Domestic Trucking

Specialized Services


At Jade International, we are able to offer you with various options for importing your cargo into the USA. To better control your inbound freight, we are able to offer you with competitive pricing from your foreign supplier’s warehouse to your warehouse in the USA. We also have a number of experienced brokers and specialists that work within our agent network which we utilize to benefit our clients. The US import tariff, rules, and regulations are becoming more complex each year; as the importer of record, you are responsible to know and adhere to the regulations. Our efforts are designed to guide you in the import process and to save your valuable time and money. Our import services include both air and ocean freight as well as assisting on USA produced goods being returned, perishable/frozen cargo, and hazardous materials.

US Customs Binding Rules Assistance

Product Review

Surety Bonds

Importer Security Filing

Remote Location Filing Capabilities

Warehouse Entries / Withdrawals

Other Government Agencies

Tracking and Tracing

Post Entry Review and Audit

Importer Security Filing

Temporary Importation Bonds

Hazardous Materials

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