Our year of 2018 ended with us finalizing the merger of Benchmark Export Services and Jade International to begin 2019 with a fresh start as one company. Our merger officially begins February 1, 2019. There are many benefits to our two firms merging; the main will be the level of customer service increasing with our merger and in turn providing to you, our clients. All of our staff remains the same and you will be continuing to work with the staff and team you have worked with on all previous shipments. Another benefit of our merger is the level of experience and wealth of knowledge from staff in all departments which will only strengthen other team members as they continue to grow within our organization.

The New Year will find us continuing to follow our plan, updating services and adding new technologies and programming into our day to day operations. Our staff continues to grow with ongoing educational programs and training to maximize their individual goals. Our intern program has brought in young international business students from nearby universities/colleges to broaden their knowledge base on the international logistics scope.

Our goal of 2019 is to listen better to our clients, their customers and suppliers finding valued added services and solutions that will help to grow their international business. We also plan to expand our social networking by providing all with industry knowledge and current events. We hope the information we share whether it be articles, reports, fun facts, etc will help to increase awareness of our ever-changing industry.

Please bare with us as we are creating a brand new website to help serve all of your needs more efficiently!

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