I have been hiking for years and I enjoy my time spent on the trail.  About 40 plus years ago I came across the Appalachian Trail/ AT that runs from Springer Mountain in Georgia up the East Coast of the United States to Mount Katadin in Maine following the Appalachian ridge.  I live outside of Philadelphia and had about 20 miles to finish up the AT through the State of Pennsylvania.   I have sections I have done in other states, and they each have stories of their own. I was really looking forward to completing this section as it ties together about 300 miles of the trail for me.

I know, crazy goal, no room service or UBER to drive me and I actually have to walk all by myself.  I could not ask a colleague to do it for me, or delegate it. One of my sons walked 10 miles of it with me one day and I finished the last 12 miles by myself and in the rain.  I did not have a phone call and I am pretty sure there was not much signal for most of the walk anyway.

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I overcame the rain, my age, and was really starting to fill with pride.  I mean if pride was helium I could have floated and would not had to even walk a step.  In the middle of my hike I came across the sign post that is the true midpoint of the Appalachian Trail.  1090.5 South and 1090.5 North. My pride left me in an instant and I realized how far I still had to go and it did not matter what direction I picked North or South. I can understand how long 300 miles is but 2181 miles is just long. Now just for those that do not hike there are many people called Through Hikers that do this every year, but it is not me.  I enjoy going to work, and I really do like eating and sleeping and sofas!  You just can’t hike with a refrigerator or a sofa.

So, with my helium filled ego properly deflated and my head returned to normal size I got back to contemplation of the state of things. I realized I am thankful and have enjoyed the time I get to hike and enjoy the outdoors and the world at large. Yes, I did sneak away even during the Covid19 pandemic to get in some rest, relaxation and some health. Although the AT is open today to use, it did close this year due to the Covid 19 thing. So it truly has affected us all, and much like the AT North and South, good and bad.  Plenty of choices on personal levels and business levels we have come a distance, but it is looking like we have quite a distance to still go. I am hoping we only have about 100 miles to go and not a thousand.

We as a company have plotted a path and have been taking steps to meet our goals and challenge ourselves to get better every day.  To continue to focus on our clients and how we can tailor our services and continue to drive value to you all. Much like the AT.  Some days it is raining and some days you do not have company, and some days it is long and difficult, but the journey. I thank you all for being a part of this journey and I continue to look forward to going the next few thousand miles with you all.


Scott Hoffman

President, Jade International

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