I was recently asked by a colleague and was challenged to write about why I do what I do.  I thought about the question and the more I thought about it, the more valid I thought the question is.  Without trying to be exhaustive to follow is some of that thinking.

I am intrigued by the idea of International commerce.  The way the worlds companies produce, buy and sell, the global supply chains that tie them together and the manners in which they overlap. Truly the world in some way can be a very small place and at times seem to be getting smaller every day. Ships, planes, trucks, railroads, and barges are as cool now as what they were when I was a small boy. Logistics is a large and varied industry and I am thankful to be a part.

The people that I have met through the years are wonderful and have added much flavor to my life. In some ways we want, think, and seek many common and shared interests, and yet in ways, each is so different.  The way my clients and colleagues face challenges and the solutions always amaze me. The creativity that I see each day as people work to find answers and solutions also gives me incite as to things that will help me with my firm and life. I look forward each day to working and serving these people and hopefully making their businesses better and their lives, even if only in a small way.

I get to work directly with a group of dedicated and caring people here at Jade and have had the opportunity to work with many for 26 years now. They take their work so personally and share my passion for the industry and serving the clients, their suppliers, and customers. I also get to serve them and impact their lives, with seeking better benefits, improving our work environments, planning for the future, and continually improving our skills and our company.

I do try to treat each person I work with and meet with honesty, truth, kindness and respect. Every email, phone call, and conversation take on a significance for me. I have people from different countries, races, and beliefs that treat me in a similar manner sharing their thoughts and opportunities with me. They remind me why I do what I do with every email and meeting, truly making the world a little better one email or text or What’s App chat at a time.

Written by: Scott Hoffman

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